Barn Owl

Tyto alba – TYLLUAN WEN – Breeding resident.

Barn Owl – report

A report by Paddy Jenks into the current state of Barn Owls in Pembrokeshire.

Barn Owl – 1994

Tyto alba – TYLLUAN WEN – Breeding resident 1984-88 Breeding confirmed 31 Breeding probable 11 Breeding possible 68 No of tetrads occupied 110 (of 478) Percentage of tetrads 23% “A resident far from common” wrote Mathew (1894), an assessment with which Lockley et al. (1949) agreed. Lloyd entered “uncommon in Pembrokeshire” in his diary for 1925, and […]

Barn Owl – 1980s winter

Tyto alba – TYLLUAN WEN – Breeding resident. The Winter Atlas showed that Barn Owls were recorded in 14 out of 27 of the county‚Äôs 10km squares during the winters of 1981-82, 1982-82 and 1983-84. The darker the colour, the higher the relative total count for each 10km square.  The darkest blue represents over 3 birds recorded […]

Barn Owl – 1968-72 breeding

Red = breeding confirmed Orange = breeding probable Yellow = breeding possible More about the Barn Owl in Pembrokeshire

Barn Owl – 1894

Species account from the 1894 ‘Birds of Pembrokeshire and its Islands’ by Rev M A Mathew