Falco columbarius – CUDYLL BACH – Winter visitor

Merlin – 2003-07 breeding

Falco columbarius – CUDYLL BACH – Winter visitor Annual mainly coastal records of assumed migrants from a number of widespread locations during April and May. In 2006 present all year on Ramsey, where might have bred. Three juveniles were seen at St Justinian’s on 15th July. More about the Merlin in Pembrokeshire

Merlin – 1994

Falco columbarius – CUDYLL BACH – Winter visitor, has bred Mathew (1894) noted St David’s, Goodwick and Maenclochog as breeding areas for the Merlin. Lockley et al. (1949) added probable nesting on Ramsey but Lockley (1961) noted breeding at Freshwater West. A pair bred in the Preseli Mountains in 1970 and others may have done so in […]

Merlin – 1980s winter

Falco columbarius – CUDYLL BACH – Winter visitor, has bred The BTO winter atlas showed that Merlins were present in the majority of 10km squares during the winters of 1981-82, 1982-82 and 1983-84. The darker the colour, the higher the relative total count for each 10km square.  The darkest blue represents 2 birds seen in a day. […]

Merlin – 1949

Species account from the Birds of Pembrokeshire, 1949, by Lockley, Ingram and Salmon.

Merlin – 1894

Falco aesalon – Resident; also a winter visitor. A few merlins are resident, and the nest has been taken at various places in the county. We have heard of young birds having been taken from a nest near St. David’s, and one of them was kept for some time there, at Bryn-y-garn. In the summer of 1886 Sir Hugh Owen […]