Recurvirostra avosetta – CAMBIG – Rare visitor

Avocet – records

Recurvirostra avosetta – CAMBIG – Rare visitor Records prior to 2008 are summarised in Avocet – 2008 Records from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports 2000 – Singles Angle Bay 15 Jan (KJSD); Nevern Est 22 Dec (SB, SEB) 2002 – One, Little Milford, 12 January to 4 March. 2004 – A single, Gann 4 – 14 April (ME et […]

Avocet – 2008

Recurvirostra avosetta – CAMBIG – Rare visitor The breeding range of the Avocet is from Africa to the south west of Asia and Europe north to Holland, with an increasing population in eastern England. The Avocet was first put on record for Pembrokeshire by Mathew (1894), who noted one taken near Tenby about 1883 and […]

Avocet – 1994

Recurvirostra avosetta – CAMBIG – Rare visitor Two Avocets were taken near Pembroke, but no date was given, and one near Tenby in about 1883 (Mathew 1894). Lockley et al. (1949) listed two at Pembroke River in the winter of 1900, three at Milford Haven in the winter of 1927, and one at Carew from 1 to […]

Avocet – 1949

Species account from the Birds of Pembrokeshire, 1949, by Lockley, Ingram and Salmon.

Avocet – 1894

Recurvirostra avocetta A rare accidental visitor. The singular and graceful Avocet, once a regular summer visitor in considerable numbers to the fen-lands of the eastern counties of England, is now only a chance visitor to our shores, and is very rarely observed in the south-western parts of the kingdom. When it now appears it is generally in the winter time. […]