Bonelli’s Warbler

Phylloscopus bonelli – Telor BonelliVagrant

Western Bonelli’s Warbler – records

Phylloscopus bonelli – Telor Bonelli – Vagrant Following a record in 2011 (see separate entry/discussion topic on Bonelli’s v Western Bonelli’s Warbler): 2013 – One on Ramsey 8 – 10 Sept (GM et al) accepted by BBRC.  2017 – One Skomer 30th – 31 Aug, 1CY+, (SP, ES) accepted by BBRC as Bonelli’s sp. 2017 […]

Bonelli’s Warbler v Western Bonelli’s Warbler

Phylloscopus bonelli/ Phylloscopus orientalis There have been three records of ‘Bonelli’s Warblers’ in Pembrokeshire. The first ever record for Britain was an individual on Skokholm on 31st August, 1948 (PJ Conder, J Keighly). Pembrokeshire’s second was also on Skokholm, 31st August, 1991 (M Betts). In 1997 Bonelli’s Warbler was split into two species and is now called Western Bonelli’s Warbler (Phylloscopus bonelli) occurring in […]

Bonelli’s Warbler – 1994

Phylloscopus bonelli – Telor Bonelli – Vagrant One at Skokholm on 31 August 1948 (Conder and Keighley 1950) was the first recorded in Britain. It has since been recorded in Britain on 106 occasions (Rogers 1992) with just one other Pembrokeshire record, also at Skokholm, in 1991, coincidently also on 31 August (M. Betts). Donovan […]