Common Rosefinch

Carpodacus erythrinusLlinos GochRare visitor

Common Rosefinch – records

Carpodacus erythrinus – Llinos Goch – Rare visitor Previous records summarised in Scarlet Rosefinch 1994 1993 – Single Ramsey, 25 August (IDB) 1994 – Singles Skokholm 13 and 16 Sept (MB et al) and Strumble Head 10 Oct (GHR) 1995 – Singles Skokholm 6-9 June, 6-8 Aug and 11-12 Oct (apparently not assessed by WBRC) […]

Common Rosefinch – 2015 Skokholm

Carpodacus erythrinus – Llinos Goch – Rare visitor Rare – 24 previous records on Skokholm, including 11 in spring and all singles except for three on 11th October 2001 A brown bird found outside of the Cottage on 11th June was the first spring record since 2013 and maintained the annual status of a species […]

Scarlet Rosefinch – 1994

Rare visitor Scarlet Rosefinches have been expanding their range in Europe for many years, reaching northern France by 1987 and first breeding in Britain in 1982 (Spencer 1993). They have been recorded in Pembrokeshire on 15 occasions since the first at Skokholm on 26 June 1949: ten times at Skokholm, twice at Skomer and once at […]