Egyptian Goose

Alopochen aegyptiacaGŵydd yr AifftEscape

Egyptian Goose – records

Alopochen aegyptiaca – Gŵydd yr Aifft –Escape 2006 – 3 Cresswell Quay, 16 April 2007 – Two records which may relate to the same wandering individual. Firstly at the Teifi Est. on 7 Nov. (OH), then at Little Milford on 11 Nov. (TJP). 2008 – A single bird on 13 April. on the Teifi Est […]

Egyptian Goose – 1994

Alopochen aegyptiaca – Gŵydd yr Aifft –Escape Mathew (1894) noted that the species was included in a list submitted to him by a Mr Mathias, but gives no details. The only occurrence since was of a pair at Lower Panteg on 3 February 1985 which were soon traced to an adjacent wildfowl collection. Donovan J.W. & […]

Egyptian Goose – 1894

Chenalopex agyptiaais – Introduced. This species is included in Mr. Mathias’ list. We know of no recent instances of its having occurred at large, nor do we know of any ornamental waters within the county where it is kept. Any that have been obtained must have wandered away from lakes where fowl are preserved, perhaps at a considerable distance, as these […]