Grey Plover

Pluvialis squatarola – CWTIAD LLWYD – Winter┬ávisitor and passage migrant

Grey Plover – 1980s winter

Pluvialis squatarola – CWTIAD LLWYD – Winter visitor and passage migrant. The BTO winter atlas showed that Grey Plovers were present in coastal and estuarine 10km squares during the winters of 1981-82, 1982-82 and 1983-84. The darker the colour, the higher the relative total count for each 10km square.  The darkest blue represents 7-65 birds, up to […]

Grey Plover – 1949

Species account from the Birds of Pembrokeshire, 1949, by Lockley, Ingram and Salmon.

Grey Plover – 1894

Squatarola helvetica A winter visitor; not common; in Mr. Tracy’s experience, “only in severe weather are they seen on our shores, and are then very easily obtained, as they are by no means shy.” We have found the Grey Plover to have a very different disposition in other parts of the kingdom where we have shot it, but never without […]