Honey Buzzard

Pernis apivorus – Boda’r MêlRare visitor

Honey Buzzard – records

Pernis apivorus – Boda’r Mêl – Rare visitor Previous records summarised in Honey Buzzard 1994 1995 – Singles were at Marloes 11 April (GHR) and soaring over Pantmaenog Forest 6 May (GHR) 1996 – An individual came in off the sea at Porthlisky on 28 April (MEB), one at Skokholm 6 June and one at […]

Honey Buzzard – 1994

Rare visitor Mathew (1894) mentions one seen at Creselly in 1851. Otherwise the first record was of a single bird at Skomer from 29 September to 13 October 1974. It has since been recorded at Skomer on 30 May 1985, at Skokholm on 18 August 1982, 14 July 1989, 19 May 1990, and 18 and […]

Honey Buzzard – 1894

HONEY BUZZARD, Pernis apivoris A rare occasional visitor, both in spring and autumn. This is a tree-frequenting species, particularly fond of the beech, not likely to be often met with in Pembrokeshire, where we have only one record of its occurrence. We have been informed by Sir Hugh Owen that he saw a Honey-Buzzard at Creselly, in the year 1851. […]