Laughing Gull

Larus atricillaGwylan Chwerthinog

Photo – A second-summer Laughing Gull, aged by its retained primaries and dark primary coverts, flew over the courtyard and briefly alighted on North Pond before heading off north; frustratingly the views were always straight into the sun. It was thus very much appreciated when 15 minutes later it made exactly the same loop (by which time we had moved to the west so the light was perfect). This was a first for Skokholm, and the seventh for Pembrokeshire (the first since 2009). (c) Richard Brown, Skokholm Blog

Laughing Gull – records

Larus atricilla – Gwylan Chwerthinog 2005 – First for Pembrokeshire. Fishguard Harbour, first-winter, 4th November (P. Grennard, A. Rogers); same, Nevern Estuary, Newport, 11th, 15th, 21st November (E. A. Hunter, C. Pierpoint). Gann Estuary, adult, 6th–11th November, 4th December (D. J. Astins, P. K. Grennard et al.); first-winter, 10th November, 4th December (R. Royle, S. J. Sutcliffe). […]

Laughing Gull – 2005 first for Pembrokeshire

Larus atricilla – Gwylan Chwerthinog After having spent the morning of the 4th of November 2005 checking the estuaries of north Pembrokeshire, looking for a possible Franklin’s or a laughing gull, aware that an influx was under way in south west Britain and Ireland, due to hurricane Wilma, I decided to check Fishguard. Whilst walking […]