Marsh Warbler

Acrocephalus palustrisTelor y Gwerni

Marsh Warbler – 2017

Acrocephalus palustris – Telor y Gwerni One trapped in the Well Heligoland on 2nd June was the first for Skokholm and the first spring record for Pembrokeshire (RDB et al.). Along with differences in structure and plumage, the wing formula confirmed the identification; in the hand the second primary, which had a shorter notch than […]

Marsh Warbler – 2009 first for Pembrokeshire

Acrocephalus palustris – Telor y Gwerni I was walking down South Valley, Skomer, about 10ish this morning (2nd November) when a Blackcap flew up followed by a second bird that I thought was going to be a Garden Warbler, but it was an acro! I watched it off & on, more off than on, for an hour […]