Pallas’s Sandgrouse

Syrrhaptes paradoxusIâr Diffeithwch PallasVagrant

Pallas’s Sandgrouse – 1994

Syrrhaptes paradoxus – Iâr Diffeithwch Pallas – Vagrant Matthew (1984) noted one Pallas’s Sandgrouse shot at Haverfordwest on 8 February 1864, one shot in Pembrokeshire in the spring of 1870, and another shot at Ambleston on 28 May 1888.  This latter record was during a year when there was an invasion of Pallas’s Sandgrouse, and […]

Pallas’s Sand-Grouse – 1894

Syrrhaptts paradoxus This singular bird, whose first appearance in the British Isles was noted early in July, 1859, at Tremadoc, at the north end of Cardigan Bay, was observed in Pembrokeshire at each of its great visitations in 1863 and 1888. A female bird was shot near Haverfordwest, February 8th, 1864; and is recorded in Professor Newton’s excellent account of the […]