Red-crested Pochard

Netta rufinaHwyaden GribgochVagrant

Red-crested Pochard – 1994

Netta rufina – Hwyaden Gribgoch – Vagrant Mathew (1894) records a duck shot at Stackpole (no date). This was lodged in the British Museum, which states it is a male presented by Earl Cawdor, is undated and was from Milford Haven (P. Colston pers. comm.). A female was at Bosherston Pools from 9-20 September 1982 (J.W. […]

Red-crested Pochard – 1894

Fuligula rufina – A very rare accidental winter visitor from the south of Europe. Only one occurrence; Mr. Tracy informed Mr. Dix, that he shot a female Red-crested Pochard at Stackpole, and that Lord Cawdor took it up to London to be identified. The date is not given. This is the bird included in Dr. Gray’s Catalogue of the British birds […]