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Roller – records

Coracias garrulus – Rholydd – Vagrant 1991 – Near St Nicholas, adult, 2nd to at least 11th August, photographed (D.A.J., Mrs J.L & Miss R.Nelmes et al.). 2001 – Skokholm, first-winter, 26th October, photo. (T.Purcell, G.Thompson). 2005 – St Davids, 1st–16th July (L. Lomax et al.). Source – Pembrokeshire Bird Reports More about the Roller […]

Roller – 1994

Coracias garrulus – Rholydd – Vagrant One Roller has been recorded, near Panteg from 5 to 8 August 1991 and possibly staying a few days longer (J.L. Nelmes et al.). It fitted well into the Pembrokeshire landscape, using overhead wires as perches from which it plunged to prey on a variety of invertebrates, lizards and, once, a young […]