Ruddy Shelduck

Tadorna ferrugineaHwyaden Goch yr EithinVagrant

Ruddy Shelduck – 1994

Tadorna ferruginea – Hwyaden Goch yr Eithin – Vagrant Mathew (1984) records one shot from a small flock near St Davids in July 1892, a year in which there was a widespread invasion of north-west Europe by Ruddy Shelducks which can be regarded as truly wild birds. Single birds at Newgale in 1955 and at […]

Ruddy Shelduck – 1894

RUDDY SHELDRAKE, Tadorna casarca – Accidental visitor. During the summer of 1892, a large number of Ruddy Sheldrakes visited this country, an immigration almost as extraordinary in its way as the incursions of Pallas’ Sandgrouse, and flocks appeared at many places on all the coasts of England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, and many examples were shot. One was […]