Philomachus pugnax – PIBYDD TORCHOG – Passage migrant

Ruff – records

Records of Ruff from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports since 2012. Earlier records are summarised in 1994 and 2012.

Ruff – 2012

Philomachus pugnax – PIBYDD TORCHOG – Passage migrant The Ruff breeds in temperate to arctic regions of the Palearctic, those in the west wintering in southern Europe and Africa. Mathew 1894 classed the Ruff as an occasional autumn visitor; rare. He based this on a single specimen seen at Cuffern. Lockley et al (1949) listed three […]

Ruff – 1994

Philomachus pugnax – PIBYDD TORCHOG – Passage migrant Mathew (1894) knew of only one bird, obtained “many years ago” near Pembroke. Lockley et al. (1949) listed one shot at St Davids on 8 August 1912, three seen at Trefeiddan on 20 and 21 September 1930, “recorded on several occasions at Skokholm 1936-1939 and 1947-1948” and one at Dale […]

Ruff – 1980s winter

Philomachus pugnax – PIBYDD TORCHOG – Passage migrant The BTO winter atlas showed that single Ruff was noted in during the winters of 1981-82, 1982-82 and 1983-84. More about the Ruff in Pembrokeshire

Ruff – 1949

Philomachus pugnax Mathew knew of only one, obtained “many years ago” near Pembroke.  One shot St Davids 8 Aug 1912 (Bertram Lloyd). Three seen Trefeiddan, 20-21 Sept 1930 (D.L.Lack) A male at Dale 19 oct 1947 (T.A.Warren-Davies). Recorded on several occasions Skokholm, 1936-1939 and 1947-48. R.M.Lockley, G.C.S.Ingram, H.M.Salmon, 1949, The Birds of Pembrokeshire, The West Wales Field […]

Ruff – 1894

Machetes pugnax – An occasional autumn visitor; rare. Not in any of the lists. This species, once common as a resident and nesting bird in the fen districts of England, seems to be very rarely obtained in Pembrokeshire, and we are only able to include it on the strength of a single specimen that we have seen at Cuffern, […]