Sabine’s Gull

Xema sabiniGwylan SabineScarce passage migrant

Sabine’s Gull – records

Xema sabini – GWYLAN SABINE – Scarce passage migrant Summary of records since 1994 Records to 2006 are summarised and analysed in Sabine’s Gull 2006. 2007 – Participants in pelagic trips to the Celtic Deep were rewarded with views of beautiful single adults on the 26th & 31st Aug. All other records were from Strumble […]

Sabine’s Gull – 2006

Xema sabini – Gwylan Sabine – Scarce passage migrant The Sabine’s Gull is an Arctic breeding species, with an estimated total population of less than 100,000 pairs. Most breed in Canada and Eastern Russia, with about 100 – 200 pairs in Greenland and sporadic outliers in Spitzbergen. The east Canadian and Greenland populations cross to […]

Sabine’s Gull – 1994

Xema sabini – Gwylan Sabine – Scarce passage migrant Mathew (1894) cites three Pembrokeshire occurrences, at Milford Haven in the autumn of 1839, near Amroth on 12 November 1892 and an undated record of a bird taken at Stackpole. No more were recorded until one was seen at Skokholm on 11 October 1968, followed by […]

Sabine’s Gull – 1894

Xenia sabinii – A rare, occasional straggler from the far north; only three occurrences. In Mr. Mathias’ list. One killed by a keeper of Lord Cawdor was seen by Mr. Mathias in Tracy’s shop, at Pembroke. This was a young bird in the first year’s plumage, and is now in the collection at Stackpole. In the first edition of his […]