Snow Goose

Chen caerulescens Feral visitor

Snow Goose – records

Chen caerulescens – Feral visitor Earlier records are summarised in Snow Goose 1994 2000 – 1 Blue morph among the Teifi Valley Canada Geese 17 Sept. 2002 – All records probably relate to feral birds originating at Skokholm, viz: 1st w Gann 5 Feb, 3 winged imms and a flightless ad Skokholm Mar – Nov, the imms […]

Snow Goose – 2015 Skokholm

Chen caerulescens – Feral visitor Rare.  Three records prior to 2000 when a small feral population established on Skokholm One on North Plain on the evening of 5th April 2015 was the first since 2010 (HD et al.). In June 2000 four pinioned birds reached Skokholm, three of the emaciated individuals making it to the plateau […]

Snow Goose – 1994

 Feral visitor Three were seen at Skokholm on 12 June 1971, three at Cosheston on 27 January 1987 and five at both Skokholm and the Gann on 14 April 1991. They are presumed to have been escapes from the feral populations which are now established elsewhere, for example in Hampshire. Donovan J.W. & Rees G.H, 1994, […]