Platalea leucorodia – LLWYBIG – Occasional visitor

Spoonbill – records

Platalea leucorodia – LLWYBIG – Occasional visitor Summary of previous records in Spoonbill – 1994 2006 – 11 juveniles at Uzmaston mid-morning of 18 Sept (JT) which had gone half hour later, presumably the same birds involved at Never Estuary where 12 were seen in the afternoon of 18 Sept (SB, RL, AR), and which […]

Spoonbill – 2011

Platalea leucorodia – LLWYBIG – Near annual visitor in small numbers. The Spoonbill has a wide breeding range in the Palearctic, those from northern Europe tending to winter in the west of Africa. George Owen (1603) noted that the Spoonbill bred in Pembrokeshire during the Elizabethan era, but by Mathew’s (1894) time it was “an occasional visitor […]

Spoonbill – 1949

Species account from the Birds of Pembrokeshire, 1949, by Lockley, Ingram and Salmon.

Spoonbill – 1894

Species account from the 1894 ‘Birds of Pembrokeshire and its Islands’ by Rev M A Mathew