Bombycilla garrulus – Cynffon SidanRare visitor. Not recorded from April to September

Waxwing – 1994

Bombycilla garrulus – Cynffon Sidan – Rare visitor. Not recorded from April to┬áSeptember Mathew (1894) was unable to report any records of Waxwings, so the first was one at St Ishmael’s in November 1946. They were subsequently recorded in 1946, 1957, 1959, 1965, 1970 and 1979. Most sightings were of one or two birds, between […]

Waxwing – 1949

Species account from the Birds of Pembrokeshire, 1949, by Lockley, Ingram and Salmon.

Waxwing – 1894

Ampelis garrulus – A rare, irregular, winter visitor. This beautiful bird, at irregular intervals, makes its appearance in flocks on the eastern coasts of England, but very rarely wanders so far as to our western counties. In those years when they arrive in unusual numbers (as they did in the winter of 1849-50), a few are generally recorded from […]