White-billed Diver

Gavia adamsiiTrochydd PigwenVagrant

White-billed Diver – 2011

Gavia adamsii – Trochydd Pigwen – Vagrant Seawatching at Strumble Head on the 1st September 2011 (where the lookout faces north so there is rarely any sun glare to deal with and colours are clear and accurate) it had been quite a good day considering the wind direction.  I had been in the lookout since […]

White-billed Diver – 1999 first for Pembrokeshire

Gavia adamsii – Trochydd Pigwen – Vagrant Breeding range is in high latitudes of the old USSR and parts of North America but distribution is not fully known. In the western Palearctic they winter along the coast of Norway with infrequent occurrences further south. An adult was seen passing Strumble Head on the 27th September […]