White-tailed Eagle

Haliaeetus albicillaEryr y MôrVagrant

White-tailed Eagle – 2021

There have been several reports of white-tailed eagles in 2021. The sightings along the Cleddau have been traced back to a falconer’s African Fish Eagle being flown in the Picton area.

White-tailed Eagle – 2010

Haliaeetus albicilla – Eryr y Môr – Vagrant The White-tailed Eagle breeds in SW Greenland, W Iceland; N & C Eurasia S to Greece and Turkey, S Caspian Sea, L Balkash and Manchuria, wintering S to N Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Pakistan, N India and SE China.   35-44 pairs were nesting in Scotland by 2008 […]

White-tailed Eagle – 1994

Haliaeetus albicilla – Eryr y Môr – Vagrant An immature was shot near Whitechurch on 2 February 1908 by local farmer B. Edwards. It was erroneously reported as a Golden Eagle in The  Cardigan and Tivy-side Advertiser (Lloyd 1941). Donovan J.W. & Rees G.H, 1994, Birds of Pembrokeshire LLOYD, B. 1941. White-tailed Eagle in Pembrokeshire. British Birds 35: […]

White-tailed Eagle – 1894

Haliaetus albicilla – A rare occasional winter visitor. Although one of the highest points of the Precelly Mountains is known by the name of Foel-Eryr ” the Eagle’s Peak,” we cannot ascertain that any species of Eagle has nested within recent years in Pembrokeshire, or has been observed as a frequent visitor to the county. Sir Hugh Owen has informed us […]