Jynx torquillaPengamPassage migrant, has bred

Wryneck – records

Jynx torquilla – Pengam – Passage migrant, has bred Earlier records are summarised in Wryneck 1994 Year Spring Autumn 1993 Singles Skomer 18, 25 and 29 Aug, Skokholm 20 Sept, Ramsey 26 Aug and 14 Sept, Hayscastle 20 Aug, Milford Haven 25 Aug, Broad Haven 11 Sept and Johnston 30 Oct. 1994 One at Skomer […]

Wryneck – 1994

Jynx torquilla – Pengam – Passage migrant, has bred The Wryneck nested in Pembrokeshire during the nineteenth century. Monk (1963) mentions two records, while Mathew (1894), although describing it as a rare visitor, quoted several evocative earlier reports which strongly suggested breeding. As its breeding range in England and Wales contracted it became a rare […]

Wryneck – 1949

Species account from the Birds of Pembrokeshire, 1949, by Lockley, Ingram and Salmon.

Wryneck – 1894

Iynx torquilla – A summer visitor; rare; it is very doubtful if it nests in the county. Only once seen by us at Stone Hall in April, when it was evidently only on passage. We have never heard the not-to-be-mistaken cry of the Wryneck anywhere in the county. We were informed by Mr. Moore, the head-keeper at Picton Castle, […]