Yellow-rumped Warbler

Dendroica coronataTelor TinfelenVagrant

Myrtle (Yellow-rumped) Warbler – records

Setophaga (Dendroica) coronata – Telor Tinfelen – Very rare Vagrant 1994 – Ramsey – first for Pembrokeshire (first calendar year) 2017 – Skokholm 2019 – A 2CY male on Ramsey 31 May – 1 June (J. Davies, L. Morgan). More about the Yellow-rumped Warbler in Pembrokeshire

Yellow-rumped Warbler – 2017 Skokholm

Dendroica coronata – Telor Tinfelen – Vagrant A stunning first-summer male Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) singing in the Courtyard on the morning of a glorious 18th June was subsequently trapped and ringed (GE, RDB, et al.). This was the first for Skokholm, the 22nd for Britain and the second for Wales and Pembrokeshire following a first-winter bird […]

Yellow-rumped Warbler – 1994 first for Pembrokeshire

Dendroica coronata – Telor Tinfelen – Vagrant Over the course of October 30th 1994, a deep depression passed off the west coast bringing westerly winds Force 6 to Ramsey Island. Darren Woodhead: On Monday 31st, Karen Dobbs and I were walking up the east side of the island looking for migrants.  It was still blowing […]