Hoopoe – 1894

Upupa epops

An occasional visitor, both in the spring and autumn. Not very rare. There are many Pembrokeshire Hoopoes on record, and if the bird is not noted every year, only a short interval passes before one is seen.

Mr. Tracy knew of seven examples. The one in Mr. Mathias’ collection was shot in March, 1850, at St. David’s. One was captured, after having been seen about for several days, inside a cottage, at St. Twynell’s. This was on March 17, 1847. Another, about the same time, was taken on board the Waterford steamer, at the mouth of Milford Haven. The Hoopoe has also occurred near Pembroke. Sir Hugh Owen has told us of  one at Williamston. In more recent times we have notes of one shot at Solva, in the autumn of 1886, and of another at Broadmoor, Littlehaven, April 16, 1888.

Mathew M.A. 1894, Birds of Pembrokeshire and its Islands

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