Kingfisher – 1894

Alcedo ispida

A common resident.

We used to note many of these beautiful birds by the banks of the Cleddy, and generally had one in our grounds, where its favourite perch would be on the branch of a larch that projected over a fish-pond. Here it would sit for hours together on the watch for any perch or tench fry that might venture into the shallows, and was a beautiful object when its brilliant plumage was lit up by the sunshine. Mr. Dix considered the Kingfisher rare in his district, but had been informed that it was common in the south of the county.

In very severe frosts we have occasionally come upon a frozen out Kingfisher, sitting disconsolately, with all its bright feathers ruffled, upon a twig by the side of a frozen pool; but, as we have never picked up a dead Kingfisher, we believe these birds do not succumb to the weather, but manage to pull through somehow or other.

Mathew M.A. 1894, Birds of Pembrokeshire and its Islands

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