Nuthatch – 1894

Citta caesia

Very rare in Pembrokeshire, where we never once saw it, and are doubtful if it can be classed among the resident birds. In his many years’ experience Mr. H. Mathias has never met with it. Mr. Dix omits it in his list. We think, therefore, Mr. Tracy was mistaken when he wrote that it was “tolerably common.”

The only Pembrokeshire specimen of which we have knowledge is one that was shot by Baron de Rutzen’s gardener at Slebech, Sept. 7th, 1893; for this information we are indebted to Mr. F. Jeffreys, the Haverfordwest bird-stuffer. In the adjoining county of Carmarthenshire the Nuthatch is not uncommon. We saw a brood of young Nuthatches in the grounds of Abergwili Palace in the summer of 1885.

Mathew M.A. 1894, Birds of Pembrokeshire and its Islands

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