Red-footed Falcon – 1894

Tinnunculus vespertinus – A very rare accidental straggler from the south.

Writing to us from Cuffern, on May 5th, 1887, our friend, the late Mr. John Stokes, informed us: “Two days ago I saw at Ferny Glen two small Hawks, one nearly black, and the other a brownish black; very pointed wings, like a common Swift, and about eight to ten inches in length. I have never seen them before, and I put them down to be the Red-legged Falcon.” Mr. John Stokes was an excellent ornithologist, and we have little doubt that he was correct in the name he gave to these rare visitors. Ferny Glen is only distant about a mile from the coast of St. Bride’s Bay.

Sir Hugh Owen has informed us that an example of the Red-footed Falcon was obtained at Tregwynt, a well-wooded spot on the northern coast of the county, and a noted Woodcock cover, at the time when it was the residence of Mr. Llewellin, now many years ago, but could give us no particulars as to the season, sex, &c, of this rarity.

Mathew M.A. 1894, Birds of Pembrokeshire and its Islands

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