Spotted Crake – 1894

Porzana porzana – An occasional visitor in the autumn; rare.

To our surprise we never ourselves encountered this bird at large in Pembrokeshire, and every season we were shooting over ground exactly similar to that in which we had been accustomed to meet with the bird in other parts of the kingdom. It is evidently a rarity in the county.

Sir Hugh Owen has shot it occasionally on Goodwick Moor; and we know of one that was shot in the neighbourhood of Fishguard, in October, 1888. Mr. C. Jefferys has informed us that he shot a Spotted Crake near Tenby. There is a specimen in the Stackpole Court collection, and the bird is included in Mr. Mathias’ list.

The Spotted Crake would seem to be equally scarce in the neighbouring county of Cardiganshire, where Mr. J. H. Salter informs us that he has not yet come across a single specimen.

Mathew M.A. 1894, Birds of Pembrokeshire and its Islands

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