Turtle Dove – 1894

Turtur communis – A summer visitor; scarce.

A few pairs nest in the south of the county. In driving about the northern districts we have occasionally noted a single Turtle Dove in May and June. We saw one at Solva, towards the end of May, 1887, and another near St. David’s, and one was shot at Stone Hall as late in the year as October 23rd, 1887.

We know of no instance of the nest having been found in the north of the county, neither did Mr. Dix, who considered the Turtle Dove only a straggler to Pembrokeshire. He states that it has been known to breed in the woods at Orielton, near Pembroke, but he believed only on one occasion. He writes: “On 20th June, 1867, I was surprised to see one fly across a small field here, which was being sown with turnips; the same morning, within a less distance than a mile, I heard two others in different plantations; three pairs were regularly heard and seen here for about ten days; I was careful they should not be disturbed, as I hoped they would remain through the summer; however, they all left, and we have had none since: their note is so peculiar it is not easy to suppose they would remain unnoticed, more particularly as they were several times mentioned to me during the time they remained.”

Mathew M.A. 1894, Birds of Pembrokeshire and its Islands

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