Waxwing – 1894

Ampelis garrulus – A rare, irregular, winter visitor.

This beautiful bird, at irregular intervals, makes its appearance in flocks on the eastern coasts of England, but very rarely wanders so far as to our western counties. In those years when they arrive in unusual numbers (as they did in the winter of 1849-50), a few are generally recorded from all parts of the kingdom, so that we consider it highly probable that Pembrokeshire may have shared in one or other of these exceptional visitations; but the species is not included in any lists we have received, nor do we know of a specimen in any collection. Mr. Dix mentions one that was obtained just over our borders in Carmarthenshire: “I am informed by my friend, Mr. J. Phillips, of Newcastle-Emlyn, that a single bird of this species was shot a few years since near Llandyssil, in Carmarthenshire.”

Mathew M.A. 1894, Birds of Pembrokeshire and its Islands

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