Little Grebe – 1936

Tachybaptus ruficollis – GWYACH FACH – Breeding resident and winter visitor

Extracts from the diaries of Bertram Lloyd, 1936.

14th March: 1 Llanbed Pools, Mathry

26 June:  Llanbed Pools, “We saw 2 well grown young persistently uttering the peep—peep hunger call, though for an hour or more left by their parents, Later we saw one parent feeding a young bird. The parents were particularly furtive here, apparently avoiding the open parts of the not very large pond by Lambed farm. This is the first sight have ever had of nesting Little Grebes in the county and possibly this was the first nesting pair—though I have never been at this pond before in the breeding season.”

5 July “now well grown.”

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