Little Owl – early records

Athene noctua – TYLLUAN FACH – Breeding resident

1920 – One caught in a rabbit trap, Newgale Farm, 12 March (3 others between then and 1923). H.W.Evans

1920 – One killed, Solva, H W Evans collction, and recorded in BB of that year as the 1st for Pembs (per B.Lloyd). Lloyd goes on to record: Since then several nests have been found near (this owl was doubtless spread about the county before 1920 but was certainly rare; and even now it is still far from common)” B.Lloyd 1936

1925 – Skokholm, 6 & 7 July: We heard from the lighthouse-men that one had frequently been about of late. B.Lloyd

1927 – from Bertram Lloyds diaries:

  • 30 May: This new introuctio is spreading rapidly. Oldham and I saw one tonight in the burrows (Tenby).
  • I saw a family near Newport in July
  • 14 June: One seen on rocky outcrop (c.100ft up) under Preseli top
  • 4 July: 2 ads and 4 or 5 young, Eglwyswrw

1930 – from Betram Lloyd’s diaries

  • 9 July: One on the sand dunes nr Castle Martin Cors. There are now several about here (teste A.S.Jeremiah)
  • one heard, Ramsey 8 & 9 Sept
  • 1 near Black Rock, Tenby, 13 Sept

1931– from Betram Lloyd’s diaries

  • 1 Clarbeston Road, 30 April
  • 26 July: A pair at the top of the cliffs among crags ne Saddle Point. In such places they are now nesting hereabouts

1937 – One, Norchard, 26 June (B.Lloyd)

1946 – One, possibly two pairs bred, Skomer (per JWD)

Records transcribed from Graham Rees’s historical archive

References: LLOYD. B. 1929-1939 Diaries, National Museum of Wales

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