Rook – 1945 rookeries census

Corvus frugilegus – YDFRABreeding resident

Between 1944 and 1946 as part of a wartime investigation into the economic importance of the Rook, rookeries in many parts of England, Scotland and Wales were censused. This work was undertaken by the British Trust for Ornithology following a request from the Agricultural Research Council. The enquiry was organised by the late James Fisher and over 600 observers contributed information. This has never been published and is now deposited with the B.T.O. at Beech Grove, Tring, Hertfordshire.

Pembrokeshire was one of the better-covered of the Welsh counties, its rookeries being counted in the spring of 1945 by N. B. Davies. J. T. Daye, J. W. Lavis, J. O. Richards and M. R. Warlow. Some 147 rookeries were located containing a total of 9,644 nests.

This map (probably produced by Graham Rees) shows that rookeries were found in 108 tetrads.


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