Common Heron – 1949

Ardea cinerea cinerea

Mathew mentions heronries at Sealyham, Pointz Castle (dispossessed by Cormorants), Slebech (believed colonies from last) and Linney Head. 

Within the last ten years heronries have been recorded only at the following sites: Llwyngwair (nine nests in 1940, felling destroyed this heronry; in 1948 only four pairs nesting in adjacent wood); Slebech (twelve, 1939, moved to Picton, six nests in 1947); and on cliffs Nolton (three 1939), Solva (one 1940), Pointz Castle (two 1946), Poth Liskey (one, 1928), Ramsey (one 1931, 1932, 1946 and 1948), Goodwick (two 1947), and Fernhill (one 1947).

R.M.Lockley, G.C.S.Ingram, H.M.Salmon, 1949, The Birds of Pembrokeshire, The West Wales Field Society

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