Quail – 1949

Coturnix coturnix coturnix

Mentioned as breeding by Geo. Owen, 1603.  It was very numerous and many bred in the summers of 1870 and 1899 (Game Book of Newport Castle, Sept 1899; three bevys – one of 11 – seen, and three quail shot). Mathew rather surprisingly says that “the only occurrences which came under our own notice were all of singe birds obtained in the winter”.  An almost regular passage migrant on the islands and mainland, and heard in most springtimes calling from young corn and hay along the coast.  A bevy was raised at Dinas Island, 1948 (R.M.L.)

R.M.Lockley, G.C.S.Ingram, H.M.Salmon, 1949, The Birds of Pembrokeshire, The West Wales Field Society 

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