Roseate Tern – 1949

Sterna dougallii dougallii

Recorded as breeding at Grassholm, c1885 and Mathew states that it formerly bred on Skokholm Stack.  J.Wynne writes that Mr Treweeks of Pembroke had a specimen taken locally.  One in the collection of Dr Mills was obtained at Pembroke, May 1887.  W.M.Congreve records one in the collection at the Hall, Angle, obtained locally, and this is near Castlemartin where lived Clennel Wilkinson, Mathew’s authority for the later Pembrokeshire example, picked up dead near Pembroke 1885.  It has not been recorded in the present century.

R.M.Lockley, G.C.S.Ingram, H.M.Salmon, 1949, The Birds of Pembrokeshire, The West Wales Field Society

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