Red Grouse – historical

Lagopus lagopus scoticaGrugiar GochFormer resident

Ice Age

Bones of Red/Willow Grouse, dating to just before and just after the maximum of the Last Glaciation, 22,000 years ago, have been discovered at two caves in Pembrokeshire: Hoyle’s Mouth and Little Hoyle.

Eastham A. (2016) Goosey goosey Gander with Jemima Shelduck in attendance: two Stone Age occupation caves in South Pembrokeshire. Pembrokeshire Historical Society.

The following records and comments collected by GHR and transcribed from his files:

1955 J.G.Stewart—Peter reports up to 3 about Preseli top occasionally since Dec, 1952, but does not think they breed there.  Nature in Wales, Vol 1, No1

1975 1, Ramsey, 15th Oct.  Nature in Wales, Vol 15, No 3

1976 “Vagrant, The Red Grouse formerly occurred on the Preseli Hills, but the heather moor which these birds require is now too highly grazed and fragmented by forestry plantations for more than casual wanderers to survive.”  SAUNDERS, D.R. 1976. A brief guide to the birds of Pembrokeshire. Five Arches Press

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