Bewick’s Swan – 1994

Cygnus columbianus – ALARCH BEWICK – Winter visitor. Not recorded from May to October

All Mathew’s (1894) occurrences were near St Davids, one shot at Trefeiddan in November 1887 being the first, while five others were shot in the same area later in the winter and “plucked and roasted”, one in 1890 when many swans, probably Bewick’s, were present (including flocks of up to 50 birds). A flock of 15 in November 1892 was probably also this species. Lockley et al. (1949) give one further record dated 1905.

Bewick’s Swans have occurred more frequently since 1950, when one was at Dowrog on 17 April, with flocks of up to 26 passing through in most years from late October to December and March to April. Others arrive in response to hard winter weather to the east. The maximum occurred during the cold winter weather of early 1985 when there was a total of at least 49 Bewick’s Swans in Pembrokeshire, with a herd of 32 at Hendre Eynon on 25 January.

Donovan J.W. & Rees G.H, 1994, Birds of Pembrokeshire

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