Crane – 1994

Grus grusGaran (Cyffredin)Rare visitor

Cranes migrate along the western European seaboard, a few wandering off course to Britain, mostly to the east coast of England, rarely as far west as Pembrokeshire. Mathew (1894) provides just one record, an adult captured near Solva on 28 April 1893 and regarded by H.W. Evans as “the prize in his collection of British birds”. The next was one at Marloes on 30 October 1960 followed by single birds in 1971 at Tiers Cross (9 April), Skomer (10 April) and Llawhaden (11-26 April), which despite its solitary state frequently indulged in its dancing display, at Nevern Estuary and Moylgrove from 5 to 16 December 1978 and at the Gann on 3 October 1986.

Donovan J.W. & Rees G.H, 1994, Birds of Pembrokeshire


1960 – BBRC has Marloes on 30 October 1959, BB Vol 54

1978 records – 1 imm. at Newport on 5th and 6th Dec., 1 at Moyle Grove from 13th to 16th Dec. (Welsh Bird Report 1978)

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