Gadwall – 1994

Anas strepera – HWYADEN LWYD – Winter visitor, has bred

The Gadwall was an infrequent visitor in former times. Mathew (1894) noted three occurrences, at Pembroke, Orielton and Stackpole. Lockley et al. (1949) chronicled only 21 occurrences plus”several shot between 1914 and 1918″ and Lockley (1961) stated that the Gadwall was an “occasional visitor” to the south-west peninsula of Pembrokeshire, chiefly to Orielton.

It began to appear with greater frequency from about 1964, some staying to winter. This change in fortunes was probably brought about by widespread introductions to various parts of Britain by wildfowlers. At present it is a regular visitor to Pembrokeshire in small numbers, mostly to fresh waters near the coast, such as Marloes Mere. The maximum gathering recorded was of 22 at the Gann during the winter of 1987, the county total at that time being about 40 birds.

A pair bred at Llwyngwair Mill Pond in 1981. They were thought to have been introduced into the locality.

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