Great Grey Shrike – 1994

Lanius excubitorCigydd MawrScarce winter visitor and passage migrant. Not recorded from June to September

Recorded only twice prior to 1955, at Wolf’s Castle “some years ago” (Mathew 1894) and at Newport on 7 January 1946 (Lockley et al. 1949), Great Grey Shrikes have been noted in 18 years subsequently. There appears to be a small but erratic passage in the periods 13 October to 22 November and March to early April, with a late bird at Freshwater West on 21 May 1960. Most are recorded from heathy areas of the mainland, but they have twice occurred at Skomer.

They were recorded in winter (December to February) at Hayscastle in 1962, at Rosebush in 1964-1965, at Mathry in 1967, at Wiston in 1969, at Newport in 1970, at Crosswell in 1974, at Roch in 1977, at Carn lngli in 1979, at Lower Haythog in 1983 and at Hook in 1989.

Donovan J.W. & Rees G.H, 1994, Birds of Pembrokeshire

GREAT GREY SHRIKE – one, at the Gann on 7th November, 1965. Seen by Stuart Devonald, in the hedge bordering the saltings near Mullock Bridge. This record is an addition to those in “Birds of Pembrokeshire” (Donovan & Rees 1994).

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