Little Stint – 1994

Calidris minuta – PIBYDD BACH – Scarce passage migrant and rare winter visitor. Not recorded in March and June

Both Mathew (1894) and Lockley et al. (1949) described the Little Stint as an occasional autumn visitor to Pembrokeshire. It remains principally an autumn visitor, being seen at coastal localities including Skokholm, Skomer, the Gann and Nevern Estuary between 22 July and 11 November, the majority in September. Normally single birds occur but groups of up to four are not unusual and six together were at the Teifi Estuary on 26 September 1983. Most records have concerned juvenile birds.

Single Little Stints are infrequently recorded in the spring, from 27 April to 17 May. Rare in winter, with just four records to date: a flock of ten at Fishguard Harbour on 14 January 1929, singles at Milford Haven on 20 January 1963 and at the Gann on 13 December 1969, with two birds at the latter location on 6 February 1977.

Donovan J.W. & Rees G.H, 1994, Birds of Pembrokeshire

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