Olive-backed Pipit – 1994

Anthus hodgsoniCorhedydd GwyrddgefnVagrant

A pipit was caught in the Garden Trap at Skokholm from 14 to 18 April 1948 by J. Keighley (now J. Jenkins) and P.J. Conder. It was unidentified at the time but after examination of the pipit skins in the Natural History Museum collection P.J. Conder decided that the bird was an Olive-backed Pipit. Conder “hesitated to submit such an unusual record: not only a first for Britain and Ireland, but of a little-known species and at what seemed an extraordinary time of year for an Asiatic vagrant” (Conder 1979). When it was submitted to British Birds, in 1967, as an Olive-backed Pipit their answer was “probably but not sufficient evidence”. The chance discovery of a photograph of the bird ten years later in the British Birds files led to a reassessment of the record and its acceptance as the first for Britain and Ireland.

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CONDER, P. 1979. Britain’s first Olive-backed Pipit. British Birds 47: 2—4.

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