Pectoral Sandpiper – 1994

Calidris melanotosPibydd CainScarce passage migrant

Pectoral Sandpipers have been recorded in 15 years since the first bird occurred, which was a juvenile seen at Skokholm from 23 to 30 September 1958. Subsequent records fall between 27 August and 14 October, apart from June occurrences on Skokholm in 1962, 1971 and 1988. Most have been single birds but two have been noted on three occasions. All except one have occurred in coastal localities such as Skokholm, Skomer, the Gann, Dale Airfield and Teifi Marshes. The exception was a bird inland at Brynberian Moor on 27 August 1973.

Donovan J.W. & Rees G.H, 1994, Birds of Pembrokeshire

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