Red-backed Shrike – 1994

Lanius collurio – CIGYDD CEFNGOCH –Scarce passage migrant; formerly bred

Red-backed Shrikes were recorded nesting by Mathew (1894), annually at Black Rock and at Tenby in 1887. Lockley et al. (1949) added further breeding records at Angle, Orielton, Pembroke, Pembroke Dock and in the north of the county, the last about 1924. There have been no breeding reports since.

Sharrock (1976) noted that a national decline had been in progress for over a hundred years, and there were just eight pairs left in Britain by 1990 (Spencer 1993). Nonetheless they are now near-annual passage migrants to Pembrokeshire, up to four being noted between 9 April and 3 July, and 12 August and 21 October in 27 years between 1946 and 1992. Of these records, 80% have been since 1960, occurring twice as often in the autumn as in the spring. Most records are from Skokholm but they have also been seen on the islands of Grassholm, Skomer and South Bishop, and on the mainland at Dale Airfield, Llwyngwair, Marloes, Martin’s Haven, Rosemarket, Freshwater West, Stackpole, St Bride’s and St Davids.

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