Wilson’s Petrel – 1994

Oceanites oceanicusPedryn-Drycin WilsonVagrant

Wilson’s Petrel is an Antarctic bird which visits the north Atlantic outside its breeding season (Cramp 1977). One seen from the Rosslare to Fishguard ferry, a few kilometres off Strumble Head, on 12 September 1980 (B.A.E. Marr, W.E. Oddie) was only the fourth record in British waters this century.

Singles were then seen at Strumble Head on 3 September 1986 (R.H. Davies, G.H. Rees, G.J. Walker) and 6 September 1990 (P. Bristow, R.H. Davies, G.H. Rees et al.). All occurred after south-west gales and as recent pelagic trips have shown that Wilson’s Petrels are regular in the south-west approaches of the British Isles in the late summer (Colston et al. 1991) it is likely others will be seen in Pembrokeshire when suitable weather conditions and season coincide.

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