Blackbird – 2003-07 breeding

Turdus merula – MWYALCHEN – Breeding resident, passage migrant and winter visitor

Comparison with previous atlas:

Breeding confirmed299317
Breeding probable133128
Breeding possible1910
No of tetrads occupied451 (of 478)455 (of 490)
Percentage of tetrads94.4%92.9%

No change in distribution is evident when the results of the two breeding bird surveys are compared, Blackbirds being found everywhere in the county bar the hill tops and the smallest offshore islands. The 1988-91 National Atlas indicated high to maximum abundance in Pembrokeshire, suggesting a higher density than the UK average, so the estimated 100 pairs per tetrad used with the 1984-88 survey results was probably realistic at 45,000 pairs. Since then the BBS has calculated a 47% increase in Wales over the period 1994 – 2007. Applying this increase to the 2003-07 survey plot suggests the Pembrokeshire breeding population could have reached about 66,000 pairs by 2007.

Graham Rees. Pembrokeshire County Bird Recorder 1981-2007

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports, which may contain more detail than shown here.

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