Ferruginous Duck – Records

Aythya nyrocaHwyaden LygadwenRare visitor

Previous records summarised in Ferruginous Duck 1994

1992 – A drake was at Skokholm on the 15th November (MB) and presumably the same bird at Treleddyd Fawr 1-6 Dec (JWD et al)

1993 – a male at Lleithyr Reservoir 2-20 Oct (JB, JRH, et al)

1994 – Male at Lleithyr Reservoir 16 Oct moved to Lower Treginnis Reservoir where it stayed until at least 7 Nov (JB et al)

1996 – Male at Ivor’s Pond 15 Oct (DJA, RWW et al)

1996 – Male hybrid, presumed X pochard, Penberry Res 24 Oct – 2 Nov (GJW et al)

1999 – Male at Ivor’s Pond 20 Oct (LL, OR, et al) and presumed same bird Heathfield GP 21-23 Oct and 6 Nov (MY-P et al)

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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