Roseate Tern – records

Sterna dougallii Môr-wennol WridogScarce visitor, formerly bred. Not recorded from November to March

Previous records are analysed in Roseate Tern 2008

2009 – Singles reported passing Strumble Head on 9th, 20th & 31st Aug. Four on Sept. 5th and an amazing 12 on the 8th (10 of which were adults).

2010 – Only nine birds recorded this year, all at Strumble Head: two on 21st Aug with one on 28th. In September single birds on the 1st & 4th with two on 14th & 25th. All were adults.

2011 – Only recorded at Strumble Head where 14 birds passed, in August singles on the 8th & 9th & three on the 29th. In September three on the 5th, two on the 11th & 18th with single birds on 13th & 14th.

2012 – Only recorded at Strumble Head where a total of 14 birds passed on six dates: five on 18th Aug & two on 24th Aug. In Sept, three on 6th, two on 7th & a single on 14th and finally a single on 4th Oct, the latest ever Strumble record (previous latest was off there on 2nd Oct 2000).

2014 – Only recorded at Strumble Head, nine birds all in late August with four on 27th & 28th and a single on the 29th.

2015 – Only recorded at Strumble Head with two single birds recorded this year, on 23rd & 29th Aug

2016 – Only recorded at Strumble Head where the two birds seen on 31st Aug were the only record for the year.

2018 – Singles logged passing Skokholm 27th Aug & 3rd Sept. A total of 12 logged passing Strumble Head all in August, singles on 16th & 13th, eight on 26th and two on 27th.

A leg of a ringed bird was found in a Peregrine roost at Valero on 22nd May. The bird had been ringed at Rockabill, near Dublin, Ireland in July 2013.

2019 – Off Strumble Head, five on 31 Aug and a single on 1 Oct.

2020 – Up to six between Skomer & Skokholm 30 Aug with four off the latter on 3 Sept and six on 4 Sept. An adult & two 1CY in Fishguard Harbour on 25 Aug and one logged passing Strumble Head on 24 Sept.

Source – Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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