Red-crested Pochard – records

Netta rufinaHwyaden GribgochVagrant

Earlier records are listed in Red-crested Pochard 1994

1999Male at Withybush Wood pond 24 Nov – Dec, with metal ring on leg and badly pinioned left wing
2003Female Bosherston 11 Nov – 31 Dec (RJH, DJA et al ),
another female Pembroke Millponds 30 Nov –  31 Dec (JH, PJ, M-YP).
2004Single females Bosherston 1 & 2 Jan (LL, TJP) as 2003
Pembroke Millponds 1 Jan – 26 Mar (JH et al), as 2003
juv Thomas Chapel 6-21 Oct (J & MB).
2007The only record was of a pair at Rosebush Reservoir, 17-20 Feb (PKG, RD)
2010A splendid drake was at Kilpaison on 9 Jan (RC).

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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